Pros and Cons of Moving Away From Home

I’m currently settling back into the university life of readings, midterms and essays after going home for fall reading week. I went home to Ottawa for the first time since the end of August, and I was happy to go home! I didn’t spend much of the break reading (oops!) but spent it catching up with friends and family after not seeing them for more than seven weeks. This got me thinking about both the pros and cons of moving away, as it’s both ups and downs.

Pro: So. Much. Independence. 

This was the biggest adjustment for me when I moved into residence at Pitman Hall. There’s no one telling you when to be home, asking where you’re going or who you’re going out with. I could do pretty much anything I wanted, whenever I wanted. The freedom was a bit shocking. If you want to sleep in until noon, eat only Oreos, or watch Netflix until dawn, there’s no one stopping you.

Con: You’re (mostly) on your own

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “With freedom, comes responsibility.” This is true for living independently. Ryerson has great resources for helping students adjust to university life, but for some things, you really are on your own. You’re responsible for waking up every morning, tidying up after yourself, and much more. Getting sick for the first time without your mom there is one of the worst things ever. Just a heads-up.

Pro: New experiences!

Ryerson is in a city with all kinds of entertainment and all types of people. Living in a new city, especially one like Toronto, allows you to experience different festivals, foods and meet new people. You learn so much about yourself but also about others. Your newfound freedom allows you to do almost anything you dream.

Con: The FOMO is real 

The fear of missing out (FOMO) hits hard, especially if your friends and family are still home. When you see a Facebook photo of the first family gathering since you left or the Snapchat videos of the party all your friends are at, it hurts. It’s hard being away from everyone when they’re together. Although when I went back to see my friends and family, it made me enjoy the time I had with them more.

It was hard leaving everyone again to come back to Toronto after reading week. Once I remembered all the great things waiting for me in Toronto, I was excited to resume life on my own!

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