How To Properly Enjoy Your Reading Week

Before every reading week, I find myself in a state of delusion about how much work I’ll actually accomplish during the week. I tend to be super optimistic, but there’s something about being back home that makes me completely forget about my responsibilities. But now I’m determined to make all of my dreams come true. I will finally use this time to get ahead and finish the week feeling fulfilled rather than stressed about everything I’ll be coming back to like a fool! Here’s how I plan to make the most out of my reading week.

1) Set (realistic) goals

I typically either come up with a loose list of tasks I want to accomplish during the week or don’t really think too much about it. I now know how important it is to take a look at my calendar and prioritize my work load in order to figure out what I can realistically accomplish and in order to lighten my load when I come back the following week. Making a list will help keep me on track and stay determined throughout the week to knock off every item!

2) Set a schedule

Again, I’m never firm on when I plan to do my work over reading week which has resulted in constant procrastination. This time, I’ve decided to set a concrete schedule that will allow me to finish my work midway through the week in order to leave some time for friends, family, and relaxing. I’m sticking to my schedule no matter what.

3) Leave time for good times

At least one good thing about my terrible record with reading week productivity is coming back to Toronto with a renewed energy and motivation to work hard. Being able to do nothing for a day or two, make plans with friends I never get the chance to see, and hang out with my family is an essential part of having a good reading week. If you get lazy and don’t take the time to actually get out and do the things you’ve been too busy for or you spend the whole week working your little heart out, you’ll be missing out. Reading week is about balancing your time to get some work done while taking a proper break from the semester!

This is the week that I finally take full advantage of the possibilities of reading week, I can feel it. Together, we can fight our lazy tendencies and get things done. Until next time!

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