Prime Lecture Spots

  1. Anywhere you can hear the professor (which usually includes being in somewhere in the middle).
  2. Not the first row. I always catch myself looking too high up at the lecture power point and the professor. It makes taking down notes a bit uncomfortable. Luckily, not all lecture halls are like this Kerr Hall is somewhat like a regular high school classroom setting. The worst offenders are: First floor of Vic, AMC theatres, and certain classrooms in the Ted Rogers Building.
  3. Definitely NOT the very back of the classroom! This is usually where all the chit chat happens and creeping what websites everyone is on in the rows before you can get a little distracting.
  4. Finally, THE BEST LECTURE SPOT EVER: beside a plug. Seriously, you can charge your phone, laptop, electric pencil sharpener, and anything else that needs some electric TLC. I’ll give you guys a bit of heads up as to where these are located. In the Vic building: always in the back of the lecture hall, Ted Rogers: built into the desks so you really can’t go wrong. You’ll see little black rectangles popping out of the desks. Kerr Hall has these against the walls.

Last thing to remember: Get to class early or else the best seats will be taken up (trust me on this), and you’ll be stuck with anywhere there’s a free seat (unless you have friends that will save you a good one!).

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