Preparing For The November Grind

The last month of the semester is always a hectic time of the year. Everyone will be hustling to finish readings, write papers, complete final assignments, and get into gear for exams. If you let it, it can tackle you to the ground and keep you down. But, if you prepare yourself like I’ve learned to with what I’m going to call “the cycle of sanity”, you’ll be so zen that your classmates will think you’re a super genius. Here’s exactly what you need to do to reduce your stress levels and succeed!

Step 1: After midterms, take some time for yourself

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I like to give myself a few days to do absolutely nothing. I mean nothing. It’s important to recharge to point where you’re bored and actually want something to do. That’s how hard you have to relax, my friends.

Step 2: Get started early

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Once you’re nice and chill, you going to go into a super drive mode for about a week or so by taking on all your biggest assignments. You’re going to spend a couple of days outlining your essays, doing research, planning your big projects that you’d typically put off until closer to the due date. Trust me, this works. Starting an assignment early can set you up on the right path to conquer the month of November. Once you get rolling, you’ll be unstoppable.

Step 3: Relax again!

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You’ve started early, so buy yourself some ice cream and relax for a day or two. You earned it! Also use this time to make sure you’re sleeping enough and eating right in order to prepare for the next step.

Step 4: Finish your readings

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It’s time to start thinking about exams, so now you review your lecture slides and finish your readings. You don’t want to leave it until after the semester is over to start getting ready

Step 5: Ask for guidance

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This is KEY. Your will be to leave yourself enough time to finish an assignment the night before its due, right? Wrong! You want to finish a little bit early then bring it to your professor with specific questions. Give them an idea of where you’re going with it, and a lot of the time they’ll give you clarification and pointers to make it even better. Once you get this reassurance, you’ll be able to complete the work and get it handed in knowing you did your absolute best. Trust me, it feels amazing.

And that’s it, kids. If you tackle the big things that are stressing you out early and take the time to unwind, you’ll avoid stress and have a much better month. Good luck with your work and we’ll see you next time!

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