I Planned a Fashion Show?!

One of my favourite things about Ryerson is that so many of our classes allow us to apply our knowledge to real world situations, whether that means pitching a new idea to a big business, creating a website, or in my most recent case, planning an event. My Fashion Promotion class, available to fashion communication and creative industries students, planned and produced FIXATE, a runway show on November 27, and it was one of my most rewarding experiences at Ryerson so far.

We were so excited when it was finally show day!

We were so excited when it was finally show day, and we started it off with an exec meeting with foood.

The class is organized into different committees, each with different tasks and responsibilities; as the Communications Director for FIXATE, I oversaw the PR & Marketing and Visitor Experience committees. The former was in charge of creating and implementing promotional and communication strategies, while the latter was responsible for making sure guests were greeted and seated and had a positive experience, as well as providing refreshments. Other teams were in charge of the production side, and in the video below, we helped the Stage and Show committee by watching the run-through. The show included a voice-over at the beginning and end to explain the meaning of fixation and how it tied in with everything, and it sounded so eerie and cool.

The planning process for this mini show took approximately two months, with class time, as well as outside meetings dedicated to creating the theme and narrative, reaching out to design students for pieces, holding model castings, finding and transforming the venue, contacting photographers, Ryerson media, sponsors, creating and posting on social media, selling tickets, recruiting volunteers, and much much more!

We had a few people from news outlets on campus filming the show, and I even did my first interview!

We had a few people from news outlets on campus filming the show, and I even did my first interview!

We also thought it be nice to reach out to RADmag, a campus magazine focusing on the works of students in the Faculty of Communication and Design, for a collaboration. As a result, they created a lounge at the show to showcase some of their own pieces, as well as copies of the magazine. It was beautiful!

RADmag lounge

The RADmag lounge looked so artsy and cool!


Love it!

The show itself was amazing. FIXATE was a menswear show featuring both men and women models and wicked music (no one says wicked in that context, but I think it’s appropriate). The designs were also great, and even though the pieces were submitted by different students, everything looked so cohesive and unified by their androgynous looks.

A few of our models in their looks!

A few of our models in their looks!

I’ve always thought I would enjoy planning events, and this only confirmed my thinking! Seeing our hard work manifest into something we were all a part and super proud of felt so good. Everyone gave 100% and I’m just so happy about how everything turned out. This particular class is a full year, and the stakes are MUCH higher next semester, but I can’t wait to see what we are capable of achieving!

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