Pitman Hall Residence Cheers on the Leafs!

One of the amazing residence events we had for Pitman Hall recently was a residence-wide walk down to Maple Leaf Square to support the Toronto Maple Leafs in their home opening game on Saturday. And let me tell you, it was one of the most exciting experiences I’ve had in Toronto thus far!

I’d never watched a game on the big screen outside the Air Canada Centre, so it was even more special to experience with my new friends. If you’re a leaf fan and you’ve never been to a game at the Square, I highly recommend it. The energy was incredible, and after the leafs won in a shootout, the crowd (and especially the hardcore leaf fans) celebrated like crazy!

As an avid hockey lover, I was so pumped to hear that all of Pitman Hall would be going down to the game together. The night was such a blast! It was also a good opportunity to get to hang out with people on different floors. Most of your time spent in residence ensures that you become really close with your floor-mates, but it’s great to interact with new people as well, and maybe even students who are in the same program as you that you haven’t previously talked to. That’s the beauty of these events. It’s all about Rams coming together as one and having a great time! After all, that’s why we call ourselves a “Ramily”!

This is only one of the many awesome events that are planned for students in Ryerson residences. There’s countless activities, potlucks, social gatherings, and movie night fun to be had at Pitman Hall! I’ll be attending as many residence events as I can this year to fill you guys in on every minute of fun. Until next time!


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