Oculus Rift & More – Ted Roger’s Management Conference


Hey guys! I recently attended the annual Ted Rogers School of Management Conference with my wearable technology company team members. Our company, known as Klaptic, is all about increasing the rate of adherence of medical prescriptions – making sure that people take their medication properly and on time. This event was a fantastic opportunity to network with other start-ups and industry professionals. Other teams from Ryerson’s Re-Engineering Fashion Competition also took the opportunity to showcase their projects. A snapshot of our station, and one of Klaptic’s prototypes, is shown below.






This was the first time that the event was open to students not formally associated with Ted Rogers – I think this was a fantastic move as the conference had a phenomenal variety of individuals, from PhD students to CEOs to first year university students. The initiative was, in part, possible due to the Center for Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CEIE). There was also some fantastic tech showcased at the event, including the Oculus Rift!

I got to try out the Oculus Rift and it was pretty fantastic. I’m a sucker for augmented reality! Our team will be looking to incorporate haptic feedback (vibrations) into the Oculus Rift. Below is a brief video of one of my team members, Natalia, experimenting with one of the virtual reality environments.

I think that augmented reality will become a part of our lives sooner than we think!

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