When Night Falls – Top 4 Things To Do On Campus After 5 PM

Hello fellow readers! Between studying for finals and finishing lab reports, I oftentimes find myself around the campus vicinity until after dusk. Sure, the sun is down but that doesn’t mean that you have to stop being active in the later hours. Below are my top 4 things to do on campus after 5 PM:


1. Visit the library

Classes over! Time to go hom-err, what’s that you say? What paper that’s due tomorrow?

The perfect place to take an evening nap or finish up that tedious assignment, the Ryerson University Library is open until 1 AM everyday Monday to Friday unless stated otherwise on the homepage. The staff is always quite helpful, and there are a variety of services available including laptop loans, photocopying and printing, and technology assistance. Sometimes it feels great just to sign out a book, as old fashioned as it may sound!


2. Hit the gym

Remember that commitment you made at the beginning of the year?

The Mattamy Athletic Center is open until 11 PM and the Ryerson Athletic Center is open until 10:30 PM every week day, Monday to Friday. For more on balancing school and an active lifestyle, check out one of my previous posts. 


3. De-stress at Lake Devo

Also known as Ryersons’s  unofficial skatepark and outdoor skating rink.

After the sun sets, Lake Devo looks ever more beautiful alongside the luminous glow of the Image Arts Building. In the Summer time, the area is filled up with water while during the Fall and Spring this water is usually drained. In the Winter however, water is allowed to freeze and Lake Devo is subsequently bustling with ice skaters. Some even agree that it is among Toronto’s best outdoor skating rinks. Add in a number of seating options including umbrella tables and casual benches, and a visit to Lake Devo with friends is the perfect way to end the day.


4. Explore downtown Toronto

You’ve never really explored Toronto before if you haven’t ventured in and around downtown.

The best part about being at the heart of Toronto is that the city comes to LIFE in the evening. There is always something to do, always an event happening just around the corner. The Toronto Eaton Center, Casa Loma, The Royal Ontario Museum, The CN Tower, The Hockey Hall of Fame, The Harborfront, and Ontario Place are just a few places that come to mind.


Until next time, take care and happy holidays fellow readers!

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