Until Next Year…

It seems like just yesterday that I wrote my “About me” blog post for WhyRyerson.  In fact, it seems like yesterday when I got the coolest job ever!  Being a Student Ambassador and Blogger for Ryerson’s Undergraduate Admissions and Recruitment team has been such an amazing experience, and I’m so glad I got to spend my time this year writing to you all about my experiences, and giving you tips for when you come to Ryerson.  I love informal writing, and letting my personality shine through, and it’s been a blast adding my own flare to every single blog I posted this year.  Also, a crazy amount of people have visited and read all our posts, and it’s so cool to see just how far we’ve been able to reach!

AHAHA this is kind of conceited but W.E

AHAHA this is kind of conceited but like I hope it’s true ha.  Gif from here.

But, this is not goodbye.  No, I will be returning next year to provide you with new third year experiences and tips, and I’m so excited!!!  I feel like my classes are going to be a lot of work but soooo much fun, and more in line with what I’m interested in doing professionally.  I’ll also be looking for an internship to fulfill my degree requirement, so I look forward to writing about that whole process.

Yay for more blog posts next year!!! Gif from here.

Yay for more blog posts next year!!! Gif from here.

And finally, with each passing year (okay, it’s only been two), my love for Ryerson has grown, and I continue to understand what drew me to this school in the first place.  It is honestly one of the best universities to explore your creativity and creative (business) ideas, gain professional experience, and have an alternative university experience, unlike any other school in the country (in my humble opinion).  Toronto is the place to be, and I’m so happy to explore and see what more it has to offer in the second half of my university career.  SO UNTIL NEXT YEAR (also I hope you all get into Ryerson and love it just as much as I do so we can become besties and brag about our school and stuff)!!!!

I love Ryerson woo can't wait to see you on campus in September!

I love Ryerson woo can’t wait to see you on campus in September!

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