New Year, New… Me?

Winter is upon us at Ryerson and I’m just entering my second semester of my second year here at Ryerson. As I’m sure you could imagine, about 1,000,000 things are running through my mind every second. I’m not much of a new year resolutions kind of guy, but there’s definitely been a few things I’ve been thinking about for this upcoming semester.

Considering the possibilities


I’ve recently taken on a new job, which begins immediately. This is something I’m extremely excited for, however, it will require additional time in my already crazy schedule. I love a good challenge, but to be frank, I know there will come times this semester where I will feel like I cannot do it all. But, that’s okay. I know that I have a great support group made up of not only my friends, but also my Google Calendar. This semester I am going to commit myself to scheduling weeks in advance to ensure I can stay on top of my game. By doing so, I think I am setting myself up for the max amount of success this year.

Saying “no”


Like it or not I sometimes take on daunting tasks which go above and beyond what’s really required of me. In preparation for the busy semester ahead, I am going to work on respectfully declining tasks which aren’t exactly required of me. This will come in mass consideration for what the case at hand is, but by allowing myself to knock off a few tasks every week I know I have a better chance of sanity.

Valuing “me” time

Me time

First semester taught me a lot about myself in ways I couldn’t imagine; my need for a scheduled week and planned out day, the reality of the choices I’ve made, and even at times, who my real friends are. One thing I started doing was mapping out time during my day to be spent alone. Living downtown I am constantly surrounded by people, and it can be overwhelming at times. In second semester I promise to maximize me time, and learn to love the time spent alone.

These are just a few things off a list of things I want to accomplish this semester. Stick around on the blog to see if I come up with more.

Happy 2016 to all of you future Rams!

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