Navigation and the City: Liberty Village

Getting lost can be really frustrating, especially when you’re trying to find your destination all by yourself.  However, for me, getting lost in Toronto always creates a fun adventure, and allows me to discover new neighbourhoods and areas, and take nice pictures.  The other day, I had to visit a company for a class assignment, and when I got off the train, I realized that I was in an area of Toronto called Liberty Village.  After a bit of rescheduling, I found myself having to kill two hours before my meeting.  Thankfully, it was a sunny day, I was all layered up, and ready to do some exploring!

Introducing Liberty Village, a neighbourhood west of the downtown core, and home to cool condos, great eating spots (especially at the Liberty Market Building pictured below), the Lamport Stadium, and a real industrial feel about it.  FUN FACT: not even 20 minutes in this area, I was already giving directions to the nearest Tim Horton’s as if I frequent the Village on the daily.




My first order of business was getting something to eat, and after electing for a healthier lunch option, I ordered a chopped salad (which was smart because I ended up having McDonald’s for dinner later that night).  And after a string of events, I ended up getting a free hot chocolate because I am the free food QUEEN.



One of my favourite things about downtown Toronto is that no matter where you are, you can always see the CN Tower; if worse comes to worst and you truly are lost, just move in the direction of the tower, and you’ll find your way to more familiar streets (Bay or Yonge) and landmarks (the CN Tower obv, and also Union Station) in no time!


Writing this blog post, I just took in how intricate those buildings in the middle of the photo look.

I absolutely love street-side shops, and these businesses–while some were familiar, and some were privately owned–added to the charm of this cute, bustling, and newly discovered neighbourhood (by me anyway).



Nothing excites me more than finding new places in Toronto that I have heard of, but don’t quite know where they are located.  But sometimes, it just takes getting a little bit lost to discover new and amazing parts of town.

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