Myths about Hospitality and Tourism Management program

I have heard a lot of myths about Ryerson Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM) during my university days. Some are actually funny, so I thought this post will be helpful for folks who are interested in joining us. Here are some of the most popular myths about Ryerson HTM:

  1.   Hospitality = Hospital?

This is probably the myth I hear the most. The answer is NO! They share the same root word but have different designations. While my fellow Nursing students can help define hospitals, I can define Hospitality for you. Hospitality for me is the welcoming people in the hospitality industry, whether it is the conversation with the hotel’s front office agent about things to do or the warm service you receive from the restaurant’s server. All these little touches make a meaningful connection that goes a long way!

Quote inside Halifax Marriott Harbourfront Hotel's staff area

Quotes for Marriott Hotel’s associates | Taken by me

  1.     Hotels and restaurants are fundamental, but they are not the ONLY industries

You heard me right, HTM touches on more than hotels and restaurants. It also covers other customer-service-oriented sectors such as travel, recreation and even casinos! Ready to rock n roll? Ryerson HTM actually has a course called HTT 501 – Casinos: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly that will expand your knowledge of the gaming industry! 


  1.   There is a little work opportunities during this pandemic 

It is true that hospitality and tourism is a sector that has taken  a hit, but that does not stop Ryerson HTM students from receiving experiential learning. In a virtual setting, we still work collaboratively from all corners of the world to address different challenges that the sector is having. One of the courses I took last semester – HTT6 622: Destination Management and Marketing is the best example to illustrate this for you. With the lead from our award-winning faculty member Rachel Dodds, we examine how different locations have navigated the pandemic, and how efficient marketing helps maintain the audience’s desire for travel. The coolest example that I have to share with you is the “To Let It Out” virtual campaign by Visit Iceland that allows anyone to record their scream and release it in many wide-open natural spaces throughout Iceland.

To Let It Out front page

To Let It Out | Visit Iceland

My words can’t  describe how versatile the Ryerson HTM program is. All you need is hard work, a love for people, curiosity and a challenger spirit to make Ryerson HTM your dream program! 

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