Myth or Fact: Business Student Edition

I’ve learned a lot as a Business student at the Ted Rogers School of Management (TRSM) in the last four years. TRSM has helped me grow as a public speaker, decision-maker, strategic thinker, marketer and negotiator – it has truly changed my life and prepared me for the real world in ways I’d never anticipated.

However, I’ve also learned that students from other faculties have a lot of misconceptions about us business students. So, in hopes of clearing some of those misconceptions up, below is a list of some common myths vs. facts that you may have already heard or will hear in the future about us business students!


1. Myth: We wear suits everywhere, every day

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Fact: Yes, we may wear suits quite a lot, but not every day. We mainly wear suits because we have an important presentation in class, a conference to attend, a networking event, or even a job interview! These are reasons any other student in any other faculty would also dress up for. Sometimes we may have a ton more of these occasions to dress up for in comparison to other faculties – oh well!


2. Myth: We’re all good with numbers

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Fact: Math and I do not get along. We used to back in my sophomore year of high school, but then it started getting wayyy too complicated. Trust me, if this program were all about math, a lot of us wouldn’t be here. We do have the School of Accounting and Finance, where all the math gods go to specialize in math-based majors, and we also have the basic statistics, accounting and finance courses that all business students must take in our first two years. Other than that, we are free to follow the path our hearts desire, and if that means no math, then we don’t take any more math!


3. Myth: We’re all going to start our own company or be CEOs one day

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Fact: Although it may always seem like we’re on a mission to take over the world, this is also a myth. Yes, some of us have an entrepreneurial mindset, want to start our own company, and launch new products or services. However, the rest of us are interested in one of the thousand other existing business streams. Either choice is fine! I, for one, am passionate about all things marketing, while one of my best friends is a Human Resources queen, and I can already see her being the CHRO of a company one day!

Aside from all of that, as business students, we’re also able to enrol in courses that may be unrelated to our majors or minors, simply because we want to expand our horizons. For example, I major in Global Management and minor in Marketing; however, I’ve also taken an Entrepreneurship course because I was interested in learning more about executive decision making, leadership, as well as in gaining a better understanding of market needs and demand, among other things.


4. Myth: We only do presentations in class

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Fact: False! Yes, we do quite a lot of in-class presentations. But I wish that was all we did. We, too, have a lot of massive written reports and essays due for almost all of our classes. Believe it or not, some of the business majors at TRSM don’t require us to present at all.

However, majors such as Marketing and Global Management will need you to present because these streams require us to have decent public speaking skills out in the real world. So make sure to look into all the majors and understand all the requirements to weigh out what you’re interested in before you pick yours. Other than presentations and written assignments, we have regular midterms and final exams, too (and the occasional quizzes)!


5. Myth: We’re at conferences all the time

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Fact: This is mostly true for all my friends and me, but it’s unfair to stereotype everyone based on this. Some of us enjoy hosting and attending conferences on a regular; however, the other half of us don’t. Both choices are equally fine! Some students attend a few select conferences throughout the year, and that’s great too! It’s truly a ‘to each their own’ case and cannot be applied to the entire faculty. If you’ve never attended a conference, I highly recommend it – conferences help you meet likeminded people, improve your communication skills and leave you feeling inspired and motivated!


So there you have it; five common myths about business students busted by a business student herself! I hope this brings some clarity if you are about to embark on your post-secondary career as a business student – welcome to the club, you’re going to love it!

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