My Trip to Montreal!

I honestly never thought I’d take a trip during Reading Week, as it really is a great time to catch up on readings and assignments, and study for upcoming midterms. However, when I had the opportunity to go on the Ryerson Students’ Union Reading Week trip to Montreal FOR FREE (did I mention I’m the Queen of free stuff??), a location I was already planning to visit in the near future, I jumped at it. And I must say, I am 150% glad I did. Here are some pictures and highlights from my trip!

The first day


All the trip attendees waiting to get a move on to Montreal!


Since I didn’t actually sign up for the trip with a bunch of my closest pals, I was grouped with three strangers as my roommates. On the first day, we met each other in person, chatted about our programs, interests, how excited we were for the trip, and how glad we were that we were all “normal”. We then waited and waited for the buses to arrive so we could start our journey to MTL. There were way more people than I expected, not including students from other schools who were attending as well.

IMG_1264  IMG_1268  IMG_1271

The drive to Montreal was super easy, about 5 hours, and included a pit stop where I indulged in expensive A&W. I was quite nervous about the yucky weather in Ontario, but thankfully, when we got there, the precipitation wasn’t as bad as it was in Toronto. The hotel was located downtown, close to restaurants, shops, and the metro (subway). Our room also had a beautiful view of the city!

Montreal Activities 

IMG_1457  IMG_1493
IMG_1435  IMG_1440  IMG_1364


Unfortunately, because it was so cold, I didn’t do as much as I wanted over the week. However, I did hit up a lot of places I was excited to visit and see. This included Montréal en Lumière, a winter festival in the city, the Barbie Exhibit, housing over 1000 unique Barbie dolls, the Museum of Contemporary Art, and Old Montreal. We also went shopping, sightseeing, and had a few free club nights!


IMG_1284    IMG_1295  IMG_1297    IMG_1576 Snapchat-5691879946524545855

I really don’t think I need to explain anything when it comes to the food. It was good. Period.

Making Friends

IMG_1556  Snapchat-5048744053384864721

Even though I went to Montreal knowing virtually no one, I had such a good time meeting new people and making friends! It’s so funny how it’s in these temporary situations that you meet people you really click with. Also, I got stuck in an elevator for a half hour with a group of people (srsly message me if you want to know the whole story), and when things like that occur, you make friends realllll quick.



Does this look like a lady who wanted to go home? No. No it doesn’t.

As much as I love Toronto and the GTA, coming back home sucked. I wish we stayed an extra day, instead of returning and having to face reality. What, school exists? I have a midterm on Friday? Nope, Montreal adopt me. 

I have so many other cute pics but I’m sure you’re all over it by now. Overall, I had an amaaaaaaazing time in Montreal, and will definitely be returning in the summer, if not this summer. Thanks so much to the Ryerson Students’ Union for planning such a great trip for us!!!


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