My New Family


Let’s be honest: for many of us coming to university = being away from home, and it is one of the biggest steps we take in our lives. As an international high school student, my experience being away from home at 15 wasn’t something fun or exciting. In fact, I still remember the night before I left my home when suddenly reality hit me. I asked my mom to sleep with me – my body was literally shaking, and couldn’t get a wink of sleep!! Growing up I’d never been a nervous person, so it was quite a surprise for me and my family. I am sure a lot of prospective students are concerned about being away from home, so I thought for this blog I could tell you how I have been dealing with the transition now that I’m in university.

Coming to Ryerson was not as intimidating because I had already lived at a boarding school in a foreign country. Living in a university residence seemed more exciting than scary to me. At first I was imagining my perfect weekends with parties, having breakfast with roommates, hanging out with your Residence Advisors… but things didn’t work out as I planned in my head. I’ve learned that it is not easy to make friends unless you put effort into interacting with someone. For me, partially because I live in an apartment-style residence, I found meeting people harder than I expected. Then, after one week of my intimidating university life was just about to pass by, I learned about this dance team run by Ryerson students called UHHU (Urban Hip-Hop Union). Dance is something that I have been doing for almost all my life, so I decided to audition!

Joining UHHU helped me a lot with the transition from high school to university. Coming from a small private boarding school, being a student at a big university made me feel like I was an ant (and it sometimes it still does). I found that it is very easy to feel overwhelmed being surrounded by so many experienced people. However, being apart of UHHU has given me many connections within Ryerson. They are all incredible dancers, but most importantly the bond that we share is very powerful. I did not expect my first semester in university to be this fruitful. Knowing that there are people out there who I can reach out to at any time made me feel safe and comfortable. I am still going through my transition phase, yet I am so grateful for the fact that I can call these people my new family.

What I hope for you to get out of this blog is that there are infinite possibilities for you to find your family at Ryerson. Take advantage of opportunities, and know that you are not alone! As cheesy as it sounds, I have found my new family at Ryerson who makes me appreciate my decision to come here every day.

Thank you so much for reading, until next time…



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