My Favourite Playlists for When…

…I have an 8 am class

Drake: Rapper Turned Singer playlist on Apple Music

There’s no link to listen on Apple Music!

I personally can’t listen to harsh, loud songs when I must begin my trek to school at 6 am, so I usually opt for a playlist with slower songs, like the Drake: Rapper Turned Singer playlist on Apple Music. I know all the songs, which helps keep my brain alert, but the tracks on this playlist are much more chill, allowing me to enjoy my early morning nap on the train.


…I have time to get ready in the morning

Pop Morning playlist on Songza

Listen here!

Pop Morning on Songza is my favourite playlist to turn on when I have a class starting later in the afternoon, and have time to choose a nice outfit, do my makeup, and actually sit down and eat breakfast. The songs are really upbeat and I usually know all of the words, so it’s nice to take my time getting ready, while belting out the words to these records.


…my outfit is on POINT on my way to school

Rap Caviar playlist on Spotify

Listen here!

I have to hand it to myself and say that sometimes my outfit is so on point, that I deserve to strut down the sidewalk to the bus stop, and make commuting look much more glamorous than it actually is. And Rap Caviar on Spotify is (in my opinion) the best way to boost my confidence that much higher. I don’t know, there’s just something about hip hop that makes me feel cooler than really I am.


…I’m doing some Saturday evening schoolwork 

Blogged 50 playlist on Songza

Listen here!

I’m actually listening to this playlist right now, as it is currently Saturday at 7:25 pm. I love indie music, and Blogged 50 keeps me in knowledgeable of all the songs that are super c00l and tr3ndy, while I’m being boring and writing an essay or something (but seriously, the songs always remind me of an expensive and trendy bar or lounge downtown with people nice outfits and drinking fancy cocktails…at least that’s what I imagine).


…I have to do hardcore studying 

Classical for Studying playlist on Songza

Listen here!

Out of all the classical music playlists, Songza’s Classical for Studying is my favourite. It may just be because I found it first, but this playlist always helps me focus on what I’m doing, and I usually end up getting a lot of work done by not having to pay attention to any of the songs’ lyrics. If you don’t already, I definitely recommend listening to classical music when you really need to get a lot of work done.

UPDATE: This week, I’ve also really been liking Spotify’s Deep Focus playlist. If you’re not a fan of classical music, this playlist might be a good alternative. Its description says it is “atmospheric rock”, which means the beats are modern and interesting, but still instrumental and soft enough for studying.


…I’m commuting home late at night

Indie Pop Chillout playlist on Spotify

Listen here!

I loving listening to some mellow music during my GO Bus ride home on days when I stay at school until the nighttime. The Indie Pop Chillout playlist on Spotify helps me to unwind and reflect on my day, as I sit in the dark, and watch as we move further and further away from the city.


What are your favourite playlists and why?!

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