My favourite courses (part two) featuring Schitt’s Creek gIFs

After my second year as a Marketing Management student at Ryerson, I shared some of my favourite courses, but now that my fourth year is over I think its time I share some more! This time around I’m describing my favourite courses through Schitt’s Creek gifs.


SOC 902: Hollywood and Society

I’m a huge fan of the entertainment industry, and I hope to work in entertainment marketing in the future, but before this course, I knew very little about the history of early Hollywood. In this course, I learned about films and how they were integrated into people’s lifestyles during the silent film era and up to the present day. I loved this course because my professor was very passionate about the course content and films in general. The class had film screenings every week that we got to analyze and dive deep into. This is something I like to do for fun anyways, so I would recommend this class to anyone else who likes to do the same!


CMN 305: Strategic Public Relations In ProCom

Public relations often goes hand-in-hand with marketing, and I wanted to learn more about it from a perspective outside of the marketing department, which is why I took this course. The small class size allowed for amazing class discussions about what was currently happening in the industry. At the time I took this class, Gillette’s “The Best Men Can Be” ad was creating a media storm, and in-class we analyzed the different viewpoints the media and the public were expressing regarding the ad. I found it refreshing to spend time learning about something that was happening in real-time. As well, the group project for this class was fun as we got to develop a public relations plan for a local business and create a video that introduced our plan.


MKT 510: Innovations in Marketing

This course is required for all marketing students to take, and it is rightfully so as it focuses on what is currently happening in the marketing industry. This includes trends in social media, brand management, and advertising. I enjoyed creating a brand audit report with a group of students in this class as I find branding an exciting area of marketing. My group was assigned to audit a company in the entertainment industry, which was right up my alley. We decided to do Paramount Pictures, and through our brand audit, we were able to find five ways in which Paramount could improve its marketing to Canadian consumers.


SOC 808: Sociology of Food and Eating

I’m a bit of a foodie, as you may already know from my RU Cravings video series, which is why I decided to take this course. I feel a lot more informed about the food industry and what goes on behind the scenes after taking this course. As a marketing student, it was really interesting to learn about labelling requirements and how the store placement of food products can affect sales. Unlike most upper liberals, the large assignment for this class was to create a video and not an essay. This was a nice change and a cool learning experience as the video was a group assignment, and we got to analyze a section in a grocery store. I can definitely thank this course for making me a more educated grocery shopper, and I would recommend this course to anyone who feels uninformed about how the food they put in their mouth gets to their table.


MKT 535: Integrated Marketing Communications

It is increasingly important today, more than ever, to drive marketing campaigns that are integrated across all fronts, which is what this course teaches you. This may include television, pop-ups, radio, social media, billboards and more. The main assignment for this class was to create a theoretical integrated marketing campaign with a group for a company of your choice. My team developed a marketing campaign for Casper, which included billboard ads, TTC ads, social media ads and a pop up at the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE). I enjoyed the freedom of this project, and I learned about group dynamics by working with a large group. I was not required to take this marketing course, but I took it as one of my professionally related courses as it intrigued me. I learned a lot that I can apply in my other courses and future jobs.


Some of the mentioned courses may not be available to you based on your program. I recommend looking up your program calendar to see which courses are available to you. All of the mentioned assignments in the above courses may be changed on an ongoing basis by professors and may be different than the ones I experienced.


Featured Image: Ryerson University

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