My favourite courses at Ryerson to date

Ryerson has so many different courses, that at times it can be overwhelming deciding which ones to choose. After reading quite a few course descriptions myself, I know it can be hard to understand if a course would be right for you. Over the past two years, I have had the opportunity to take a diverse range of courses that interested me, and today I’m be sharing my favourite ones so far!

Pop Culture: SOC 202

I took this course as my first lower liberal course during my first year at Ryerson. I loved this course because the lectures felt more like open discussions about what was going on with media in society than class lectures. The lectures also included watching and analyzing clips of different movies and television shows which is something I enjoy doing in my free time anyways. This course also allowed me to further develop my writing skills with the movie analysis essay and report on a movie sequence.


Consumer Behaviour: MKT 400

This course is my favourite marketing course that I have taken so far! Consumer Behaviour touches on marketing in the current digital age, and how social science theories relate to effective marketing. I was lucky enough to have Martin Pyle as my professor, which made every class something you did not want to miss. His insight during class discussions reminded me why I chose marketing as my major. I learned so much from him in this course that I will carry on throughout the rest of my university career and onward. To add, I further developed my research skills through the three short group research papers. The information and skills you gain from this course are very applicable to many different fields, so definitely check it out even if you’re not a marketing major like me.


Ethics and Regulation of International Business: GMS 802

This was the first professionally related course that I took at Ryerson. Ethics is something that is useful to have knowledge about no matter your major, so I found this course really informative. Each lecture focused on a different area of business and how ethics related to that particular area. The course included a midterm and a final presentation with a report. I enjoy presenting and I would rather write a final report than write a final exam so I really liked the layout of this course.

Courses at Ryerson are constantly changing which means the above courses may include new or different assignments since I have taken them. I am a Marketing Major Business Management student, so some of these courses may or may not be available to you depending on your program. I recommend looking up your program calendar to see which courses are available to you.


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