My Experience Working on Campus So Far

Campus jobs have allowed me to excel in my studies, while also giving me the opportunity to learn new skills on the job and earn some cash to help me pay for tuition. I didn’t know about all the different opportunities available to work on campus when I first started at Ryerson – and why they were beneficial – so I worked retail in my first year. I found it hard to keep up with my studies and also work the demanding hours of retail, which is what led me to apply to jobs on campus. The positions on campus work around your class schedule and allow you to work smaller amounts of hours if needed. I have been lucky enough to work in four different positions on campus so far.


Job #1: BUS 100 “Strategies for Success” Facilitator

Emma and her Facilitator section

The Facilitator team of the Wednesday 4 p.m. – 6 p.m. section of the Fall 2017 Semester of the BUS 100 Course

My first job on campus was for a first year, mandatory business course. I facilitated activities in a two-hour break session with about 25 students and helped out with hour-long lectures of hundreds of students. It was a really great experience, as I learned how to be a better presenter, communicator and leader. After doing two-hour facilitations weekly, my short 10 to 30 minute presentations for various courses have felt like a walk in the park in comparison. I also met so many cool people through this position. I made lasting friends with some of the other facilitators, and thoroughly enjoyed seeing the students in my facilitation section grow throughout their first semester at University.

Job #2: Ted Rogers School of Management Peer Academic Coach


The Winter 2018 ASC team

My job as a facilitator was a part of the Academic Success Centre (ASC) at the Ted Rogers School of Management, and it ended up leading to another position at the ASC the following semester as a Peer Academic Coach (PAC). I really enjoyed helping students grow and I wanted to try something a bit different, so this was the perfect opportunity for me. PACs mentor students one-on-one on learning strategies and study skills to help students improve their academics, and in some cases get off probationary standing. Communicating with students one-on-one on a regular basis allowed my interpersonal skills and leadership skills to improve in a whole new way. At the same time, I was doing great in my own studies as the job was scheduled around my classes and within the business building, which saved me great deal of time. Best of all, it was really rewarding to hear that the skills and resources I had been going over with the students had been making a positive impact on their academics.

Job #3: Student Learning Centre Specialist


The 2018-2019 SLC team

After finding out I was allowed to work at the Student Learning Centre (SLC) while also being a PAC, I started working two campus jobs simultaneously. My job as a Specialist consists of keeping the SLC safe, clean, and organized for the Ryerson student body. The specialist position also allows me to work on various different projects that are related to the building. I have helped with the creation of different documents, spreadsheets and floor plans, and I even got to help with the marketing for Shop the SLC (a holiday marketplace event at the SLC). It’s awesome that the SLC allows us to work on tasks that we are passionate about and relevant to our field – like me, a marketing student, helping with marketing for an event. I still currently work in this position, and I am really thankful to be part of the SLC team.

Job #4: Digital Marketing Assistant

The 2018-2019 team of Digital Marketing Assistants

Finally, my last and other current job is in the Office of the Registrar as a Digital Marketing Assistant. This is the job that allows me to write blogs like I am doing right now! I was super lucky to have this job full time during the previous summer, and I still work in this position part-time during the current school year. This job has allowed me to learn so much and try so many new things in such a short period of time. Besides writing on this wonderful blog, I have developed social media content for multiple different platforms including YouTube, Facebook and more. I had never appeared in YouTube videos or edited videos before this position, and I ended up doing both of these things. I love photography as a pastime, and I was able to bring this passion to work when I took some Ryerson stock photography. I also stepped out of my comfort zone by being one of the tour guides for Ryerson’s virtual tour.

If you’re not sure if working part-time during school is for you, check out my other blog post “How to Manage a Part-Time Job While Being a Full-Time Student” to learn more.

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