My 5 Favourite Study Spots At Ryerson!

What’s popping?! One of the most challenging things about being a Ryerson student is  remaining mindful about your time management. Throughout your student years, you will be bombarded with an overwhelming workload and it’s up to you how you choose to spend your time. To motivate myself and my peers to make the most of our time, I use these two quotes I love to share.


“ I can’t complain about having too much on my plate, when I’m trying to eat.”

“There is 168 hours within the week… you have the time.”


Ryerson offers us a variety of amazing study spaces where we are able to settle down and tackle our neverending assignments and meet their deadlines. In essence, when using these study spaces effectively and perhaps choosing to separate from our friends in order to get some work done, you will be able to master the art of not cramming things in last minute.


In no particular order, I will be sharing some of my favorite study spaces on Ryerson’s campus, and what type of studying I believe each space is well-suited for.

1. Ryerson Student Learning Centre (SLC)



The SLC is Ryerson’s new building on Yonge and Gould streets. It allows students to excel in their studies and provides multifaceted opportunities for students to make the most of their time at Ryerson. I personally believe it’s a great building, because Ryerson welcomes more students every year, and it helps to prevent overcrowding on campus. The SLC’s architecture is beautiful and modern, and it is a structure that can’t be missed. The SLC provides students with:   

  • Individual study carrels
  • Open-concept study space
  • Collaborative & group work rooms
  • Seminar rooms
  • Casual seating

As a media student, we are lucky enough to not be overwhelmed with too many essays or theory-based assignments. However, when I’m assigned a paper or two, you can usually find me on the 8th floor of the SLC, which is equipped with multiple desks, chairs, and outlets. The white lighting, walls and furniture give me a level of comfort that allows me to stay focused on one task in particular and not get distracted and encouraged to constantly check social media. In addition, the multiple outlets made available allow me to make sure my laptop remains charged.  

2. Rogers Communication Centre (RCC)

radio studio

Allan Slaight Radio Institute | RTA School of Media

The RCC is most familiar to students who are pursuing a program within Ryerson’s Faculty of Communication and Design (FCAD). As an FCAD student, I am frequently at the RCC. This is one of my favourite study spaces at Ryerson because I am able to work on any assignment that encourages me to tap into my creative and artsy mindset. There are multiple production suites, editing labs, studio spaces as well as design incubators. Unfortunately, not all Ryerson students have full access to spaces at the RCC. Certain labs and lounges in the RCC are only made available to FCAD students with authorization. However, if you are an FCAD student, this is definitely a marquee space to get most of your work completed.

3. Balzac’s

Balzac's coffee shop

Balzac’s Café | BLOG TO

Outside of university and for society as a whole, coffee shops have always been a great escape from work or home to tune out and crank out some work. Balzac’s is Ryerson’s on-campus coffee shop. I think many would agree that this is a special study spot on campus because once inside, you seem to forget that you aren’t in school. It’s almost as if you have already graduated, and you are living in the real world and doing adult things. I find that this space works for me when I’m doing work that invokes new ideas and pushes me outside of my comfort zone.

4. Mattamy Athletic Centre

Mattamy Athletic Centre

Mattamy Athletic Centre | Ryerson University

Ryerson’s Mattamy Athletic Centre (MAC) is the school’s most modern fitness centre and where you can catch the RAMS Basketball and Hockey teams playing their games. I know it sounds weird–how is the school’s gym a study space?


The answer is in the science of how the body works. The way I see it, right after I finish a workout, my body releases positive chemicals like serotonin that make me feel motivated, energetic and inspired to do better. The MAC has several tables and seats, so when you are done your workout, you are able to sit down and finish some assignments while the energy is fresh.

5. Ryerson Library


Library | The Ryersonian

I understand that this one comes off as pretty obvious, and we are inevitably going to come across the Library to study. However, let’s take some time to highlight how to take advantage of what Ryerson’s library has to offer.


  • You are able to sign out academic textbooks that need to be incorporated in school papers for research
  • There are study rooms you can book through my.ryerson for meetings, group work or extra quiet space when available.
  • Multiple workshops and and resources are available to help you improve your academic skills


For me, the library is always a sharp reminder that we are in an academic institution, and no matter how innovative the school is, we must always return to our roots and remember where we are going–towards a degree.


Those are my five favorite spots to study on campus. Aside from those mentioned above, there are dozens of study spaces available to students… and to be honest, you can even create your own spaces out of hallways, food spots and in between classes.




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