My 5 Favourite Classes From First Year

When I was starting university, I was excited about all the different courses I was able to take compared to high school. When people say that universities have a class for just about everything, they weren’t lying. It can be overwhelming deciding which courses to take because of all the options available. Most programs have mandatory courses but also allow for students to take a certain number of electives. Here are some of my favourite classes I took this past year!

1. NNS 500: Journalism and the Arts

This was my favourite class from my first year. Yes, it is technically an upper-year course, but I’m still glad I took it in my first year because this course isn’t offered every year. I took it for my Creative Industries Business and Practice of News (journalism) module. The course is about reporting arts and entertainment, reviewing tv shows and live performances and the final assignment consisted of a feature article or thinkpiece about a current, artistic topic of your choice. As someone whose dream job is to be an entertainment reporter, I loved this class.

2. ENG 112: Zap, Pow, Bang, Pop Lit

I picked this course because I missed my English classes from high school, and I love to read. Over the course of the semester, we read The Virgin Suicides, Wuthering Heights, Annihilation, and A Murder is Announced, four books that are considered pop lit. If you’re an avid reader and writer (or want to be), I suggest taking this class as a lower liberal elective.

3. NNS 101: Intro to News Studies

This course was the first course I took for my journalism module, as it’s a prerequisite for all other News Studies (NNS) classes. It covered different topics relating to journalism, as well as the basics of how to write for print and broadcast journalism. The class was a great opportunity for me to learn things about the journalism industry I never thought about. It’s also a great open elective to take!

4. PLX 111: Imagining the Creative City

This course is one of the mandatory courses for first year Creative Industries students. It’s a course about Toronto and other large cities and how creativity is present. The course also discussed current issues that large cities face, like gentrification. My favourite part of this class was the major assignment we had to do. Groups were assigned a neighbourhood and then had to explore that neighbourhood and create a map based on creative highlights found. It was different than other projects I had done all year and was fun to complete. Overall it was a unique and interesting course!

My group's map and guide for the PLX project

My group’s map and guide for the PLX project

5. BSM 100: The New Business: From Idea to Reality

If you’re in Creative Industries, this is another mandatory course you’ll find yourself taking. It’s also mandatory for other programs, such as Sport Media. This course teaches the basics of starting a business, as well as other basic business concepts like accounting and entrepreneurial characteristics. It prepares you well for the rest of your business courses if you’re in Creative Industries. It’s also a great start for your Business Essentials minor if that is something you’re interested in!

Ryerson has so many great courses to offer to its students! My advice to you is to take electives that pique your interest and are different than your program so you can learn something new and different!

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