5 Movies Shot Near Ryerson

Ryerson just so happens to be located in the third largest production centre city located in North America. Movies are shot all throughout Toronto, but there are actually quite a few popular movies that were shot right near our campus. You may have never noticed how many movies were actually shot in Toronto because movies are really good at making you think they were shot in other cities such as Chicago or New York City. To avoid any further confusion, I am going to tell you about 5 cool movies that were shot near Ryerson!

1. My Big Fat Greek Wedding

This movie was filmed right on campus at our Rogers Communication Centre (RCC) which was used as the set for Toula’s school, Harry S. Truman College. Kerr Hall was used for the interior shots of the classroom where Ian teaches.

2. Kick-Ass 1 & 2

Both Kick Ass 1 & 2 were shot all throughout Toronto. The characters are seen driving down Yonge street and past Ryerson in both movies. The second movie includes a scene in front of the Times Square subway stop, which is actually the Yonge-Dundas Square subway stop. This is the closest subway stop to Ryerson and it is right in front of the 10 Dundas East Complex. This complex includes the Cineplex Cinemas, which holds Ryerson classes in some of its theatres.

3. Suicide Squad

This movie included a lot of scenes on Yonge street and Yonge-Dundas Square as well. During the filming our students noticed the bat mobile casually drive by our Student Learning Centre (SLC) a few times.

4. Cinderella Man

This Russel Crowe film was filmed all over the city, in places you probably didn’t recognize. A large majority of the interior boxing scenes were shot at the Maple Leaf Gardens, which is now the Ryerson Mattamy Athletic Centre. This building includes a gym, a skating rink, and a basketball court. Recently, Ryerson started using this building for Ryerson students to write final exams.

5. American Psycho

This iconic movie includes scenes at multiple different restaurants in Toronto, one of which being The Senator, which is just a five minute walk from Ryerson. The scene where Mr. Bateman has lunch with a police detective who is investigating the murders that had happened in the city, was shot in the Senator. The restaurant in real life, has a large menu including some great breakfast options in the morning.

I hope you enjoyed this list! This is just a short list of movies that were shot near our campus, as there are more movies than I could probably name shot in Toronto (and many more to come).

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