Monorail Sushi Next To Ryerson: Hana Sushi & Cafe

Ryerson is located right in the middle of downtown Toronto, and in close proximity to a large variety of delicious food places. We visited some of our favourites in our new RU Cravings video series.

Hana Sushi & Cafe is a monorail sushi restaurant that provides super efficient service and tasty sushi, sashimi, desserts and more. You can order whatever you feel like eating on the iPad on the table and a monorail train will quickly deliver it. While you’re waiting, already-made sushi and desserts constantly zip by your table on a conveyer belt. All of the plates are colour coordinated so that you know exactly how much each item is. This place is great for friends which is why I brought student ambassador, Ankita Roy along to try some food.

In this video, we showcase the Cucumber With Avocado Roll, California Roll, Capelin Tempura, Shirakiku Orange Ramune, Crispy Fried Chicken, Salmon Roe GS, Pineapple Shrimp, Salmon Belly Sashimi, Raspberry Macaroon, Tiramisu and more.

For some highlights jump to:

0:30 The sushi roll process

0:55 The capelin tempura arrives

0:59 Ankita takes on the shirakiku orange ramune

1:09 Crispy fried chicken & salmon roe GS

1:23 Pineapple shrimp & salmon belly sashimi

1:29 The raspberry macaroon arrives

1:40 The tiramisu to end it off

If you’re ready to step into the future and experience some amazing technology and sushi, Hana Sushi & Cafe is the perfect meal spot for you

To learn more about Hana Sushi & Cafe, visit:

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