Everyone knows that midterms are stressful, especially when they’re worth 30% of your grade and you still have assignments, quizzes and labs for every class every week! Also, everybody has their space to study, and for some reason I can’t study at home!

With my first midterm approaching, I was swamped. A weekend spent stressing and feeling overwhelmed. I had no idea how I was going to get through it. On the Sunday before my midterm, I had spent half the day attempting to study. I decided to pack my stuff and move it to Ryerson which is so peaceful on weekends. I studied for 6 hours straight and for the first time I felt somewhat confident. I spent the entire week at the Student Learning Support at Ryerson, and that’s where I met the genius tutor who helped me tremendously.


Jim Carrey typing fast on the computer.


Come Friday, I got through my midterm and the first thing I could think of was my next midterm exactly a week away. I got through Calculus, I can get through Chemistry too! I think the transition would be much easier if I took high school more seriously. If I’ve learnt one thing at Ryerson aside from academics, it’s discipline. Discipline to keep working until I’ve mastered what I’m working on. No matter what it may be! Be the best at what you’re doing or else what’s the point? Discipline to stay up even though I’m tired because I know I have to work hard to have fun and love what I do in the near future! For the first semester of engineering, it’s all general courses. Come January, it gets more specific depending on the selection of the eight types of undergraduate Engineering offered at Ryerson.

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