Midterm Preparation

The midterm and time for papers part of the semester is quickly approaching and before you know it tends to pile up. If you’re trying to avoid the stressful cramming and all-nighters (like me) here are 6 essential tips for the road of success.

1) Organization. Create a study plan one week in advanced of any exam, and outline what you’ll try to focus on each day. Not only does this work around the excuse of “I don’t have enough time to study” but it also allows you to retain more information! Having a clear head and lots of sleep (instead of an all-nighter) makes a worlds difference on the day of the exam.

2) Study Groups. You’re not alone! This way everyone in the group can tackle a different topic, and when you get together to merge ideas it will help you better understand the material. Also discussing ideas and taking up questions with someone will help you better recall it for the exam.

3) Go to office hours. As intimidating as it may be to enter into a professor’s office for the first time they don’t bite! Most professors are actually wishing someone would walk in to keep them company. Best of all, if you have any additional questions or don’t understand something talking it out with a professor makes it much easier than pulling out your hair last minute trying to understand a concept.

4) Study in small doses. Take 30 minutes in the morning and then another 30 minutes after a workout, walk, or leisurely activity. This way you can reflect on the information you just learned and be able to retain it more easily.

5) Have what you need before the exam. This saves unnecessary stress and headaches the day of the exam. It’s quite simple: pack calculators, pencils, rulers, marker, pens and everything else you may need for your exam the night before so you don’t have to scramble. (P.S. Remember your student card!!!)

6) Nourish yourself. Get a good breakfast and lunch depending on what time your exam is. You’ll feel perkier and ready to take on the challenge ahead. A little more concentration never hurt anyone. Health=Wealth!

I hope you guys take these essentials and apply them to your next exam. Now that you’ve gotten all my tips and tricks I hope your exam time flows that much more smoothly!

P.S. Please, please, PLEASE don’t forget your Ryerson I.D Card!!

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