Meet Vivian, your new International Student Ambassador!

Hi friends,

I’m Vivian Ngoc Le and I will be one of the voices for international students this year. I’m in my final year in Ryerson’s Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM), pursuing a minor in Professional Communication. If you are interested in knowing me and my Ryerson experience, keep scrolling 😀

Here are 4 facts about me

1. I might look small, but I have a big appetite for food

 I love going on an exciting foodie trip every weekend to try out new restaurants or cafes. If you ever wonder where to grab food around campus or where to go for good bubble tea, let me know!


Viet Food from Pho Pasteur, downtown Toronto

Vietnamese Food from Pho Pasteur | taken by me

2. Ryerson Hospitality and Tourism Management is my dream pass

Being an HTM student means earning the chance to travel, either for school purposes or short work terms. Throughout the year, there are many case competitions, field trips and internships waiting for you to sign up. 

Thanks to the close partnership Ryerson HTM has with the industry, I actually had the opportunities to live and breathe my passion through different internships! Those experiences gave me incredible opportunities to not only apply what I have learned in classrooms to practice but also build up professional skills and explore both sides of Canada.

Lac Beauvert, Jasper, Alberta

Kayaking in Lac Beauvert in Jasper | taken by me

Halifax's Harbourfront, NS

View from Halifax’s Harbourfront | taken by me

3. Every time I speak a different language, my personality changes

 I am fluent in Vietnamese and English, and currently at the intermediate level of Mandarin. In the play of life, I find myself changing new roles whenever I switch the language I speak. 

I would say Vivian who types these in English is the confident me, whereas Ngọc who greets you “Xin chào bạn ơi” is the energetic me, and 明玉 who say “很高兴认识你们” to you is the shy me hehe.

 This trilingual ability is bringing me a lot of joy, confidence and a little fun which helps me stand out in the diverse community of Ryerson. I love how our community celebrates differences, so I can come as my true self and meet everyone at their true selves here.

4. You can book a 1:1 meeting with me 

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions about Ryerson student life (or really anything else), you can book an appointment with me at Calendly or join me every Thursday for a virtual campus tour. More details can be found on Guided Virtual Tours webpage.

I will see you then~

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