Meet Shay!

Hey! I’m Shay. I’m also one of your WhyRyerson Bloggers / Snapchatters / Tweeters / Instagram..ers? This post is my first official introduction to all of you, although you may have seen me before this past weekend when we were covering the Ontario Universities Fair (or as we know it, OUF). I’m a second year student here at Ryerson studying RTA Media Production. My #RoadToRyerson began in Vancouver when I decided to make the big move to Toronto. It’s easily been the best decision of my life! I  also do a very wide variety of things around campus, so I’m really looking forward to being able to share my experiences with all of you!

My program is definitely why I’ve chosen to stick around this University. Being a part of such a community like the one we’ve formed in Media Production keeps me inspired and allows me to grow more and more with each class. Speaking of classes, I go to school to produce TV (among other things). It’s pretty awesome. I have classes where I literally spend 6 hours producing live TV, ranging anywhere from sitcoms to news shows. Sometimes I have to remind myself that this is University.

Before I forget, yes, the photo attached to this blog is a poorly photoshopped image of my riding one of those “Hoverboard” things through space. One of my jobs here at Ryerson is being a Residence Advisor for Pitman Hall (Floor 10 – #Pit10 what up?). I’ve been bringing that thing into Residence the past few weeks and one of my students decided to make this beautiful masterpiece. I’ve never been so happy to work for Residence!

If you’re a current student, or planning on coming here, you’re more than likely going to see me around. Why’s that? Well after my first year, I kinda got extremely involved around campus. I’m currently an RTA School Director for the Ryerson Communication and Design Society (RCDS). I’m also a Faculty of Communication and Design  (FCAD) Director with the Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU). Both of these roles are quite similar, I represent all of the respective students and help bring their ideas to life.

What I just said was a lot of big and confusing words. Not to worry. I’ll be making another post on here which defines exactly what these organizations do and how I got involved with them. Look out for that in the very near future! 

I hope this post gives you at least some idea of who I am. Like I said before, I’m so excited to be able to share my experiences that my time here at Ryerson has given me! Please feel free to reach out to me @WhyRyerson on pretty much any social media platform you can think of. Bye for now!


Photo credit: Sofiya Yusypovych 

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