Meet Jeremy

Hello Ryerson students and future Ryerson students! If you’ve been following WhyRyerson content since last year, then there’s a good chance you know who I am. And if you’re new to our blog or you just aren’t familiar with me then no worries! My name is Jeremy, and today you’ll be learning a thing or two about me.

My Program

I am a third year student majoring in mechatronics engineering. “Mech-a-huh?” you might ask. Well, after second year, mechanical engineering students are given the option to focus more on the integration of electronics with mechanical systems (i.e. robotics). “So you’re a mechanical engineer?” Err, kind of I guess. I am also completing the Optional Specialization in Management Sciences (OSMS). Similar to a business management minor, the OSMS is designed to provide engineering and science students with a solid foundation in management sciences.

The GVIC executive committee being given the Best Conference award by the RSU.

My team and I receiving the Fall 2018 Best Conference award for organizing the George Vari Innovation Conference.

My Hobbies

Ever since I first moved from Indonesia to Canada at the age of 3, I have spent my life travelling. What I love most about travelling is being able to experience another culture’s food and language. I even keep a collection of foreign currencies to remind me of all the different countries I have visited (the number of countries is somewhere at around 40 now).

Standing in front of the Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand.

This summer, I visited the Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand.

I find exercise to be the best way for me to de-stress. After class, you can often find me lifting weights in the Mattamy Athletic Centre, the building that made me fall in love with Ryerson. I also am an avid paintballer and I take an interest in extreme sports like gliding.

Jeremy midair in a hang glider

Hang gliding in West Java, Indonesia.

Aside from all that, I love fashion and style. I wear anything from preppy suits to edgy biker jackets. Additionally, one of my favourite pastimes is visiting one of Toronto’s many thrift stores for some vintage clothes.

Jeremy wearing a shearling jacket

This shearling jacket is among my favourite vintage finds.

My Personality

Being born on November 29th means that I am a Sagittarius. Though you may not believe in astrology (quite frankly I’m not sure I even do), you gotta believe me when I say I am the most accurate description of a Sagittarius. For me, life is all about action, adventure and freedom. I am always excited to try new things and I am not afraid to take a gamble. Also, my mind is a jumbled mess of ideas all competing for attention. So if you ever meet me in person, fair warning that a lot of words might come out of my mouth⁠—usually at a pretty fast pace too.

Being an explorer means that I’m constantly discovering new and exciting things in Toronto. Stay tuned as I will be sharing my discoveries and more with all of you throughout the year! And feel free to follow me on Instagram @_jeremy_tobing.

Bye for now,


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