Marketing Major 101: Fact vs. Fiction

During my Snapchat takeovers over the past few weeksI’ve been having a ton of fun talking to a lot of you about the Business Management program at Ryerson, and more specifically, the Marketing Management major. When I applied for the program 4 years ago I had no idea what to expect, but over time I’ve realized that in some ways the program is, and isn’t, what I had expected. Here are a few facts I wish I had known and myths I wished I had ignored as I applied and started my first year in the program!


Fact: The Major Is Competitive 


No matter which school’s business program you attend, the Marketing major will be one of the most popular options available. I can’t even begin to count the number of times my dad has mentioned which co-worker’s child or distant cousin I’ve never met is also in the same major. There will be times when you feel like everyone is getting better grades than you, that they’re all applying for the same internships or co-op placements, or that they have the same post-graduation plans in mind as you. But every university student, regardless of their program, has these moments of self-doubt, because every program is competitive. If you know that this is the major for you, don’t let the idea of competition stop you from applying!


Fiction: It’s the Perfect Major If You Want to Avoid Math


So far I’ve been required to take 2 Marketing courses that are totally math-based

This is by far the most popular misconception when it comes to the Marketing major. A ton of students, my Grade 12 self included, think that Marketing is the path to take if you want a math-free career in Business, but that’s not the case. Statistics, Accounting, and Finance are just some of the required courses for all Business Management students regardless of your major. Plus, all Marketing students are required to take a few courses that focus on the analytical side of the field. These courses can be challenging if math isn’t your strong suit, but as someone who barely passed Grade 9 and 10 Math, I promise that if you work hard you can do well!


Fact: You Won’t Just Focus on Marketing Classes


What’s great about your first year in the Business Management program is that you take courses from most of the majors offered. I’ve mentioned some of the math-centred courses already, but I’ve also taken courses in Business Law, Human Resources, Global Management Studies, Economics, and Retail Management, and that’s only a small fraction of the numerous courses offered! There are a ton of ways you can develop your learning beyond Marketing. You could consider doing a minor, use your Professionally-Related courses to explore other business topics, and use your Lower and Upper Liberals to explore subjects offered in programs other than Business Management. It’s amazing because when you graduate from Ryerson you’ll have a well-rounded understanding of Business, as well as other disciplines!


Fiction: The Only Relevant Experience You Can Get is Through Co-op


When speaking to students and parents at the Ontario Universities’ Fair in September a ton of people said that their deciding factor when choosing their university is if they get into the co-op component of the program. Personally, I’m jealous of all the future Business students at Ryerson because of our new Co-op Programs. Who wouldn’t want to work for an incredible company, get school credit, and get paid for it?! But it’s important to remember that co-op placements are not the only relevant experience you can get while you’re in school. Internships, especially over the summer, are always an option and most don’t require you to be in co-op to apply. Student group involvement is also underestimated for the experience it can give you. I got my first internship the summer before 3rd year solely based on my student group involvement. A school should be the right academic and lifestyle fit for you, so your acceptance or rejection from the co-op stream shouldn’t be the only factor you consider!

I hope this post was able to help you get a sense of what the Marketing major is like! If you have any more questions about Business Management or the Marketing major you can always reach out to us on social media, or find out more information from the Ted Rogers School of Management.

P.S. I’ll be taking over the WhyRyerson Snapchat during the week of November 21st, so feel free to send me any questions you have!


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