Love traveling and good food? We have Hospitality and Tourism Management for you!

My name is Vivian, and I’m an international student coming to the Ramily from Vietnam. I am currently in my fourth year of the Hospitality and Tourism Management program. Let me tell you why you should look at it :3

Get ready for an exciting career

Did you know that the hospitality and tourism industry involves more than just hotels and tour companies? In fact, this exciting sector can land you anywhere, from a café, to a cruise ship, or even a tech company, such as IBM! The secret of this lies in the customer-centric mindset that shared among hospitality and tourism management (HTM) professionals. We love people, and we would do our best to bring the solutions that make people happy.

If this sounds interesting for you, look no further. Ryerson’s Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism Management is that place you will want to be. Being recognized as the first institution to introduce a Hospitality and Tourism program to Canada, Ryerson’s HTM program is still leading every day with a practical learning model, an innovative approach in research and impressive career opportunities. Fun fact, we have a restaurant managed by HTM students on campus!

With constant changes to the curriculum to meet the industry’s needs, and an amazing group of 4500+ alumni paving the way, this really is the best time for you to join us!

Opportunity to travel

Being an HTM student means having the chance to travel either for school purposes or short work terms. Throughout the year there will be case competitions, field trips, and internships waiting for you to sign up. Trust me, nothing feels better than exploring a new destination and seeing your schoolwork applied in real life.

In my case, I have completed two internships, one in Jasper (Western Canada) and one in Halifax (Eastern Canada). Words cannot describe how beautiful it was to stay in two parts of Canada during the summer, so here are some photos I took during my trips!

Jasper, Alberta, Canada

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

“The best is yet to come” – Ted Rogers

Ryerson HTM is a small yet very welcoming community on campus. I have made many personal connections to some of the coolest peers I have had in life, as well as received guidance from my wholesome faculty. I’m proud to say I enjoy going to school every day to gain new knowledge and meet with them!

Compared to how first year went versus now, many things I have changed. I have definitely become a better version of myself – more independent, more fluent in my second and third languages and more adaptative to new changes. I used to keep myself safe and sound in my own comfort zone, but there is a whole new world out there that the people I met at Ryerson have shown me. Now, I am “hungry” and curious to learn more and grow more.

How about you?

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