Living On-Campus vs. Off-Campus – What do Ryerson Students Prefer?

Hey everyone! Jeremy and Mercedes here, and today we’re bringing you something a little different!

An age-old question that just about every incoming Ryerson student in the Greater Toronto Area asks themselves is, “Should I live on campus or should I just commute?”

We get that it can be a big decision to make. The two of us actually have experience both living on campus and commuting to school. So we thought it would be helpful for all of you if we created a video discussing our experiences with both options.

Here are some timestamps to the questions answered in this video:

0:16 How long is your commute?

0:41 How much time do you give yourself to get ready in the morning?

0:59 How has your budget changed?

1:29 How often do you make it to class on time?

2:03 How much time do you spend on campus?

2:41 How would you rate your social life on a scale of 1-10?

3:20 What’s a surprising challenge of living on campus?

3:34 What’s a surprising challenge of living off campus?

4:01 Do you prefer living on or off campus?

Hopefully we’re able to help you make a decision more easily!

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