A Little Taste of FCAD

A Year End Show (YES) at Ryerson is typically the culmination of the projects fourth-year students in the respective program complete throughout the year. As the year draws to a close, here are a few Year End Shows that you can attend to see what Ryerson’s Faculty of Communication and Design does during the year!

Creative Industries Showcase

First through fourth-year Creative Industries students showcasing work they made both in and out of the classroom.


SHIFT – Ryerson School of Interior Design

Interior Design students years 1-4 showcasing their year’s worth of projects with an emphasis on the graduating class.


Ryerson University Film Festival – Image Arts (film)

RUFF information

The premier festival for the fourth-year film thesis projects.


Maximum Exposure

First- through fourth-year Photography Studies students showcased with an emphasis on the graduating class.


Fourth-year New Media students art showcase.



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