What It’s Like To Have a 3-Day Week

This semester I’ve been blessed with Thursdays and Fridays off, which so far turned out to be quite the experience. At first I thought this would be the schedule of my dreams. Who wouldn’t love a 4-day weekend? But little did I know that there’s some challenging side effects to this seemingly great situation. Here’s what I’ve learned about life with 3 heavy days of class.

At first, you’re pumped because your Tuesdays feel like Thursdays and your Wednesdays feel like Fridays!



You can be more flexible with your schedule, you feel a sense of freedom that you’ve never felt before, and everything is wonderful.



Then suddenly, you start to go a little nuts because the lack of structure during those 4 days makes it harder for you to get things done.



Your sleeping schedule suffers and it’s difficult to adjust every Sunday night.



You’re tired a lot of the time and can’t function properly….


And when you’ve had enough, you realize you need to get it together.



It takes some adjustment, but you start to learn how to manage your time in ways that will allow you to get so much more done than ever before and really take full advantage of your amazing schedule!



Sometimes you’ll have options in when picking your classes and be able to choose a schedule that works best for you, and other times you’ll just have to work with what you’ve got. It’s all about figuring out what you need to be the most productive. I’ve really learned to embrace my crazy 3 heavy day schedule and have successfully mastered the art of managing my time and getting things done. The goal is to be able to adapt to any schedule you’re given and make it work for you no matter what!

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