Let’s Talk About Minors! Ryerson University

Hello beautiful people of the Internet,

One big question that I had when starting university –– and I know many students also have –– is how do minors work? After doing a lot of research and experiencing the process myself, I decided to make a vlog answering all your questions and discussing all things minors!

Minors are a great way to explore a secondary area of interest that compliments your major and can further support your career choices! I’m currently doing a double minor in Politics and News Studies and at this point, I feel like an expert at minors. In the vlog I talk about my experience with minors, the different minors available, how to get a minor, how many minors you can take and how to fulfill a minor at Ryerson University. 

I hope you all enjoy the video and are able to learn a bit more about minors at Ryerson University.

See you in my next vlog! 

– Eva Oseen

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