Less $$, No Problems.

Feeling that money pain? OSAP running low? Well have no fear, I’ve come up with some sa-weet tidbits of info for you to save some dollars around Ryerson:

1. Ryerson Students Preferred Network


You just read that and went “what does this mean?” WELL, the RSPN is a collaborative act with the societies around campus to bring discounts to students. The RSPN is a bunch of vendors surrounding the Ryerson campus that will give discounts to us students (woohoo!)

2. FREE things to do


The great thing about Ryerson is it is downtown, meaning there are TONS of things to do daily. There are always art shows, events and things happening all around us! Hey, if there aren’t any events, just explore the city!

3. Events on Campus = Free Food


You know all of those posters you see for all of those events? Well I can guarantee that almost every event has some sort of free food. So if you are in a bind, call up your student leader friends for the 4-1-1…

4. Load your OneCard!


Want to eat on campus? A major key is to load your one card and use that to buy your food. Why you may ask? Because when you use your one card for meal purchases, you don’t get charged tax. Thank you Ryerson <3

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