LEGOMania – A Powerful Burst of Nostalgia

Hello readers! I hope everyone is doing great and getting back into the swing of things. This past week, I was cleaning the family garage when I stumbled upon a (gigantic) bag full of LEGO blocks! Soon after, I found that I couldn’t resist the urge to just sit down and have some quality time with my old friends.

I rushed to locate a strategic location void of any distractions to my creative building process, as well as a suitable mat. As I heard the nostalgic rush of plastic blocks hit the ground before me, I was amazed by what I saw – hundreds, upon hundreds of different LEGO blocks and minifigures. As I meticulously examined the collection before me, waves of childhood memories suddenly hit me and I started to do what I do best – build.




Below are some of the creations I quickly assembled.



A purple knight alongside his riding companion, equipped with his trusty lance and shield.



I think it’s against the rules NOT to build a racecar or some type of vehicle when building with LEGO.



Spartan defenders of the LEGO universe.



Clonetroopers just chilling on their lunch break. Bad guys need to relax from time to time too!



And of course the masterpiece, Ryerson University.


Inspired by my recent nostalgic experience, I decided to research if there was any correlation between building with blocks and improvements in general human health. What I found was very interesting – scientists have found that autistic children benefit from LEGO building as it promotes collaboration and non-verbal communication. The full article can be found here.

Until next time, keep on building peeps!

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