Learning Stop Motion Animation – Lego Star Wars Style

Hey guys! I’ve been interested with stop motion animation for a long time and always wanted to learn its intricacies. This past year I watched a ton of YouTube tutorials and read a bunch of articles on how to get started with stop motion animations, which is how I came to the conclusion of using Lego as the platform for my animations. In particular, I focused on using Lego Star Wars playsets – mainly because Stormtroopers are really fun to animate! This article has .gifs that I made that showcase some of the animations I’ve created these past few months.



When I first started animating, I wasn’t too dissimilar from the Hazmat guy above.



Eventually, I decided to focus on a single theme for my animations.



Stormtroopers don’t approve of using your cellphone while driving.



The Empire is watching you, always.



Darth Vader’s cousin, perhaps?



Stormtroopers are the Empire’s best and brightest. Errr – maybe a raincheck on these four?



The Force is strong with this one.


To get those nice lightsaber effects, I had to edit each frame of the animations in Gimp. Animating Lego characters, and stop motion animation in general, is pretty tedious. But the results are definitely worth it. I’m going to continue to polish my animation skills in the future, so be on the lookout!

Until next time,



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