Learning from Home, As Seen Through GIFs

Fall 2020, it’s going to be an interesting semester. In order to keep everyone safe and healthy we’re moving most of our classes online. It might take some getting used to, but hopefully we’ll all learn new and interesting things from the safety of our homes.

We no longer have to do our hair early in the morning (though it’s always nice to do so) or make the journey down to school, instead we can sleep in a little and work in our pyjamas. This temporary format may be disheartening for new students who wanted to get involved and make new friends, but it’s still possible to do so! Check out our blog post on how to connect online and stay tuned for more updates as well. Here are ten GIFs that students learning from home will probably be able to relate to.

1. Setting multiple alarms to sleep in a little more, but still wake up on time.

Going back to sleep

Tired Monday Morning GIF | Giphy

2. Being too comfy and cozy in bed to get up. You can do it, just believe in yourself!

Cat falling asleep

Tired Nap | Giphy

3. Maintaining our basic hygiene and feeling fresh for the day.

Scully (Monster's Inc.) brushing teeth

Monsters Inc Disney Gif | Giphy

4. Being determined to concentrate in class.

Falling asleep at desk

Work GIF | Giphy

5. That feeling when you finally get into the groove of things and feel motivated.

Cat typing on laptop

Cat reaction | Giphy

6. Meal time! The happiest time of day. Don’t forget to add something nutritious!

Patrick chewing

Patrick Eating GIF by Spongebob Squarepants | Giphy

7. Being in Zoom call after Zoom call. It’s okay to turn off your camera occasionally if you need a break!

Zoom conference

Jimmy Fallon Laughing GIF By The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon | Giphy

8. Taking walks because we’re all for good health and fresh air.

Arthur walking

Nice Day Summer | Giphy

9. Being best friends with caffeine.  

Two coffee cups fist bumping

Adventure Time Coffee | Giphy

10. Working from the comfort of the couch, blankets and all. One of the pros of working from home, even though we’d love to see everyone in person at school.

Shiba Inu typing on a laptop

Law School Finals | Giphy


Some days we’ll be more productive and we might look like this:

Typing fast, with a look of concentration

Computer Working | Giphy

And some days we’ll probably look more like this:

"I have done nothing productive all day" Gravity Falls Gif

I have done nothing productive all day | Giphy

But, don’t forget to remind yourself that you are an amazing student who works hard, and remember to give yourself a break sometimes and just do your best.  Drink lots of water, eat nutritiously, stretch a little, take some deep breaths and stay strong Ryerson!

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