Klaptic – A Wearable Technology Exposition

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These past few weeks I’ve had the opportunity to work with some fantastic people developing a company known as Klaptic. Klaptic is a comprehensive system that incorporates wearable technology in order to solve a major problem – the issue of medical drug compliance. In other words, Klaptic looks to solve the underlying problem associated with prescription drugs – low medical adherence rates. Below is a helpful infographic by the American College of Cardiology that illustrates the problem.




The two main reasons why people, especially the elderly and aging population, have low adherence rates are (1) their prescriptions are extremely complicated and hard to coordinate and (2) they outright forget to take their medication in the first place.




Klaptic is an ambient medication alert system that is designed to maintain the health and independence of our target audience. It works by using haptic feedback modules (think the customizable vibrations on an iPhone) and other indicators to alert a user of when to take a medical drug and which one to take. These modules can be retrofitted onto reading glasses or existing pieces of clothing – they are meant to be discrete and something that can be forgotten until needed. One of our concepts is shown below, in the form factor of a small module that is attached to a pair of reading glasses.




The modules themselves communicate with a smartphone application that can customize the prescription schedule of a user. The best part? You can even track whether or not a user actually adheres to the prescription – this information can be extremely important to healthcare providers and even the close relatives or friends of the user. I’ll be uploading a video of how the application works in a subsequent post.

Klaptic actually resulted from a project that was a result of the Re-Engineering Fashion workshops and competition that Ryerson hosted in March. It was a fantastic opportunity and our team is currently exploring new avenues for our idea.


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