Just Do It!

I’ve been having a great second year at Ryerson so far, and the main reason for this is one word: action.  In first year, and even in high school, I would think about doing things or going to events, but I wouldn’t take the step to actually do it.  I would make plans, but they often fell through.  I would watch as other people my age pursued different opportunities, thinking “wow, I can’t wait until I can do that”, and then mapping out the perfect time for me to work towards my goals.

But this year is different.  Now that I’m older, and have a grasp of what is expected of me in university, I’ve been doing more, well, “doing”.  I make time to not only study and try to excel academically, but to also spend time with friends, do some fun things on the side, and even apply to some of my dream internships.  I’ve been forcing myself to get more involved and immersed on campus, and it’s really paid off in the way I feel about my school, and myself in general!

Our university years are the prime time to grow in different aspects of our lives, and to really put ourselves out there in terms of working hard in school, building a foundation for our careers, strengthening relationships, and being open to new experiences.  And even if we don’t get that amazing summer job, perfect grades, or if there are issues in some of our relationships, knowing we made the effort to go out and put our dreams into action, will hopefully motivate us to keep pushing through in order to see results.

I didn’t format this post with bullet points and tips, but I just wanted to express that there is no time like the present, and I’m so excited that being at Ryerson and being in Toronto helps to facilitate my continual growth.

Take action, no matter how small, to see results!

Is there something you’ve been wanting to do but haven’t done yet?

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