Journalism vs. RTA: Media Production

Hello, hello! Bren and Mercedes here. Today, we’re bringing you the answer to a difficult question (dun, dun, duh!).

If you’re driven to create and passionate about media, you’re probably asking yourself, “should I choose Journalism or RTA: Media Production?”

Since Bren is a first-year Media Production student and Mercedes is a second-year Journalism student, we have both had to make this tough decision. And now that we have, we’re happy to share what we’ve learned with you! Below you’ll find a video we created explaining the similarities, differences, and what to expect from each program.

Here is a quick list of each topic covered in the video:

  • Academic differences (0:55)
  • Fact v. fiction (2:18)
  • Practical skills (3:43)
  • Similarities (5:03)
  • What program should I choose? (6:31)

Best of luck with your decision!

Bren & Mercedes

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