Introduction: Who Is Mohammad?

 “Oy, there! A midterm approaching quick at 6 O’Clock! It’s time to man the stations once again, mates!”

Well hello there! My name is Mohammad and I’m proud to be a 2nd year Biomedical Engineering student at Ryerson University. For those who don’t know, Biomedical Engineering is a sub-division of Electrical Engineering and it deals with applying the engineering process to interactions between the human body and technology. It encompasses everything from artificial prosthetics and pharmaceuticals, to nano-biotechnology and that pacemaker that your grandmother has.  You’ll be hearing quite a lot from me throughout this year, so let’s get on with the introduction, shall we?

As an aspiring medical school hopeful (not ANOTHER one), I value academics but believe that there is plenty of room for enjoyment as well. And if you love what you do, then all the better right? When I’m not putting in the hours for engineering, I often visit the Mattamy Athletic Center (MAC) to pulverize stress. If you haven’t had the chance to visit the MAC, you really don’t know what you are missing. I am an avid Kickboxer; I took a class at Ryerson & have been digging it ever since! To round things off, I also volunteer at Mount Sinai Hospital while juggling the aforementioned.

I am a huge Inception fan, and you can see the movie’s infamous spinning top in this post’s bottom-left coverphoto. In the background of the same picture, you can witness one of the products of my crazy engineering mind: an Arduino-based shoe that can activate and de-activate lights/sounds with foots gestures. This device has possible applications in the mining industry and mountain climbing, where easy access to light sources are paramount. Also, I programmed the shoe to play “Happy Birthday” when you do a particular foot tap! In the cover photo’s top-left corner, you’ll see a logo which spells out “ENGINEER” for each of Ryerson’s respective engineering branches:

E – Electrical & Computer Engineering

N – Aerospace Engineering

G – Mechanical Engineering

I – Chemical Engineering

N – Industrial Engineering

E – Civil Engineering

E – Civil Engineering (both E’s constitute a bridge)

R – Biomedical Engineering

A day on campus is never boring, downtown Toronto is so vivid! Not to mention the myriad freebies (as I write this, from my window I can see a Nestlé representative handing out free Coffee-Mate bottles) and performances happening around the block. As your Social Media Ambassador, I’ll be keeping you up to date with all things Ryerson.

Here’s to an awesome year!

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