Introduction: Who is Mady?

Hey guys! My name is Mady and I’m going to give you a brief introduction to who I am, because you’re going to be hearing A LOT from me on this page! Okay to start off, I am a first year Graphic Communications Management Student here at Ryerson University! By the end of my four years here, I plan on having a B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) and hopefully minors in News Studies and Professional Communication. This year being my first year of university, I decided to live in residence and I am currently a member of the International Living and Learning Community residence! Ryerson’s a great, great place, already I have gotten involved in numerous things:

  1. UAR Student Ambassador (woo, woo!)
  2. RU Noted! (great organization that helps fellow students AND benefits yourself!)
  3. The Scope at Ryerson (any radio fans out there?)
  4. Graphic Communications Management (GCM) Course Union

So, as you can tell I LOVE to be involved in my school and my community. It keeps me busy, engaged and has already introduced me to so many great people here at Ryerson! I love to have fun here at school, but I also LOVE my academics. My program, classes and profs are great, (I brag to my friends every chance I get)! I’m a true Ryerson Ram at heart and I want you to follow my first year journey here at Ryerson! Be it my study habits, my campus food experiences (Instagram anyone?), or just all the GREAT activities here on campus; I want us to experience them together! So here I’m going to share all these amazing experiences and let you in on campus life before you even step foot on campus! I’d love to write about what you want to hear about, so comment and follow my posts and I’m sure that we’re going to have so much fun on this blue and gold covered path ahead of us!

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