Introducing Salomé!

Hey all! 

I’m Salomé, one of Ryerson’s International Student Ambassadors. This year I’ll be creating weekly content for you related to the international student experience.

My program: I’m studying Hospitality and Tourism Management, and I’m in my final year! Due to the current global pandemic, our classes and events have been moved online and I’m completing my final year in virtual classrooms. My interest in learning about tourism comes from my passion and love for traveling after having grown up across the globe. I moved to Canada from Barbados in 2017 to begin my journey at Ryerson.

My favorite thing about Ryerson: There’s so much to love about Ryerson; every time I get asked this question, my answer changes. One thing I love is how we’re able to gain real world hands-on experiences in the classroom… last year I was cooking menu items in the classroom for a Restaurant Operations course!

My favorite place to eat on campus: This would have to be the Hub Cafeteria (located next to our ServiceHub) where they have such a great variety of cuisines and meals to choose from. Unfortunately, because I’m currently learning from home via our virtual classrooms, I haven’t been to the Hub in quite some time. I look forward to eating on campus again soon!

Advice I give to you, fellow international students: Don’t be afraid to go all in. When you move to Canada on your own like I did, the best thing you can do is immerse yourself into the community!

That’s it from me for today, but stay tuned for more of my stories as an international student. And, if you want to get personal and speak with me one-on-one, I do virtual 30-minute sessions to answer all your student life related questions!

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