Introducing Ryerson Lens: Winter Break

We are excited to introduce Ryerson Lens, a new photo series by yours truly, Hannah Polinski and Karishma Karia! We will be gathering snapshots of the Ryerson student body for you to get a glimpse into their unique lives. Through photos and short interviews, we will be exploring what it’s like to be a student at Ryerson, both in the classroom and in the city. We hope you enjoy our first post!

Final exams are still underway at Ryerson, and in between reviewing lecture slides and asking friends for their notes, we can’t help but be excited for winter break. Whether you’re travelling like Hannah or going to your first Christmas Market like Karishma, there are endless things to do. Check out what some of the Ryerson student body has planned!

(from left to right): Jessica and Khalida

Jessica Kasiama
2nd Year, English 

I’m planning to go to Montreal for a couple of days to work on a couple of projects. I’m so used to my surroundings, so I feel I need to be somewhere else to be productive. I went there this time last year and had a really good time. I curated a digital exhibit, so I want to add to that more over the break. I wanted to make a portfolio, but I didn’t want a portfolio because I’m not looking to submit it anywhere. I wanted to present my work somewhere but make it interactive. It’s like a gallery, but online. It’s self-curated, an accessible space to present myself.

Khalida Rixzan
2nd Year, Journalism

I plan to go and try to write a story. I’m also just going to be catching up on reading and watching anime. Right now I’m writing fiction, but I want to start doing some cultural themes that are based off our history. Oh, and I have to practice my Arabic and Tamil.

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Alan Jiefan Law
3rd Year, Radio and Television Art

I’m taking a break. It is my birthday in December, and as an international student I don’t usually celebrate Christmas, so I might celebrate it for the first time. I’m the President and founder of RyeBeauty and we are planning a gala with Shop 6 on my birthday! I chose that day to be my Christmas-birthday-local business event.


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(left to right): Julia and Paul

Paul Osinski
3rd Year, Business Management

I’m going to be home to Calgary. I’m not going to stay for a month but I’m going to see my friends and family. We have a cabin in British Columbia so we might go there for a while. It’s pretty sweet, there’s no internet or cell service. I’m just off the grid.

Julia Dodge
4th Year, Journalism

I’m going home to Ottawa, just gonna hang out with my folks and see my dog! She’s so cute. I miss her every day. On Christmas Eve this year my family’s doing an escape room. Nothing screams Christmas like getting locked in a spaceship!

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Grace Bevan
2nd Year, Radio and Television Art 

Aside from relaxing and going home to Bowmanville to see my family, I’m looking forward to catching up on drawing my web comics. I have a web coming called Mostly, Yes. I started it in August and it’s just a web comic for fun. I love drawing and it’s sort of like a self-fulfillment thing.

Featured Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

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