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Hello WhyRyerson readers! I’m Anna, an RTA School of Media student going into her fourth year of Media Production. I hope you’re all staying healthy, both mentally and physically, and are finding the small joys of staying at home 24/7. As introverted as I am, I still want to get outside and see people, so my heart goes out to all you extroverts out there. I miss getting a warm cup of tea on my way to school and attempting to pay attention to lectures. But I’m embracing the indoors – I’ve learned to make a Starbucks worthy matcha latte… and I’m still attempting to pay attention to lectures online. I’ve joined the WhyRyerson team for the summer to gain more experience in my field and to share my three years of Ryerson knowledge with you all. 

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I, who once believed I would go into a science program then go to med school, am now all things media – from photography to graphic design to attempting to illustrate. There are so many mediums to explore and styles to discover and with my profs and peers I got to explore many of which I didn’t even realize existed. 

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You, dear reader, are probably reading these blog posts trying to figure out which program is for you, or which university is the right fit for you. It’s exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time, but think with both your heart and your head, and you’re sure to make a decision you won’t regret.

Even though Media Production was my first choice, I was still nervous about my decision because it wasn’t a very traditional route, but now I’m sure I made the right call.

A little bit more about my program:    

RTA stands for Radio and Television Arts and the school has three separate programs: Media Production, New Media and Sport Media. Like I mentioned, I am a part of the Media Production program, so I might be slightly biased and less knowledgeable about the other two, but here’s a run down about the three programs.

Media Production

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In the first year, many courses are shared across the three programs, so you’ll have the opportunity to meet a lot of different people with various interests and goals. While many courses are mandatory in the first couple of years, you’ll have the option to choose electives from a set list of a variety of programs that range from screenwriting to social media marketing. The elective lists will also give you the opportunity to take courses that are aimed towards the other programs all throughout your university career.

Media production is very diverse – leading you to become a jack of all trades – but you can choose to specialize in screenwriting, video production, audio production, media business, social media, digital media and media theory. It’s really up to what you want and are passionate about.

For your fourth-year project you can choose to produce a video game, escape room, tv show, short film, a book, graphic novels or anything that you can think of can come to life, if your advisor approves of it. Your advisors/professors are amazing and they do their best to connect you to industry professionals and are industry professionals themselves! 

New Media 

Students Working With Virtual Reality

New Media is all about mixing art and technology. I’ve seen New Media students create video games and robots. I’ve taken a few New Media oriented courses like Interactive Storytelling where I got to hear from industry professionals, create an interactive campaign and a choose-your-own-adventure story. 

Sport Media

Ryerson Hockey Reporters

Sport Media is the program I’m least familiar with, only because I’m not much of a sports person, however, they do some pretty cool stuff. According to our lovely Admissions Handbook, Sport Media provides the opportunities to gain skills in sports journalism, live-event coverage, marketing and more! 

I’ve had many amazing opportunities through Ryerson’s resources and amazing staff and professors. I hope that I can help guide you to amazing opportunities through my blog posts this summer! 

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Here’s all the best to you, see you next post!

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