Introducing Emma Macklin!

Hello, friends!

My name is Emma and I’m super thrilled that I’m going to be one of the WhyRyerson bloggers this year! This is something that has interested me ever since I started following WhyRyerson when I was in the eleventh grade. I remember absolutely freaking out about what I was going to do after high school, and Ryerson was like a dream to me. 

For about nine years, I thoroughly believed that I was going to be going into film studies. Film was a huge hobby of mine, and I thought it was the only hope of me going into a specific program. January rolled around and I had an overwhelming feeling of AHHHHH!! I had absolutely no interest in doing film anymore, especially not for the next four years of my life. Activate panic mode.


With two weeks to go until the university application due date, I sat myself down with my Macbook and a whole lot of snacks and searched for hours to find something that procured my interest. After a few hours of clicking around on the Ryerson website, I found a program called “Creative Industries”. I had read about Creative Industries in great detail, and decided that I was meant for this program- I just HAD to get in. March came and I got my acceptance letter and freaked out. I could not believe that I had gotten into my dream school for this incredible new program.


Fast forward almost two years later and here I am, writing for a blog that made Ryerson become my dream school.

Here are 10 quick facts about me so you can get to know me a bit better:I’m in second-year Creative Industries.

1. I cannot describe how strong my love is for Marble Slab and big, slobbery dogs (and floofy cats).

2. I have lived in Ryerson Residence for two years now. In first year, I was on the Residence Recruitment team, doing tours of residence. At the end of first year, I ran for Vice President of Events for the Ryerson Residence Council and got elected! I am now living in residence again as Vice President of Events (and I’m a little too excited for it)!

3. I have an obsession with thrift shopping (best thrift shops in Toronto blog post coming soon?).

4. Connected to the prior obsession, I have an obsession with jean jackets (I own 11).

5. I am vegetarian and gluten-free (sadly, I’m not gluten-free by choice, I have celiac disease. Your gal would never give up macaroni n’ cheese and BeaverTails willingly).

6. I love Thai food more than any type of food.

7. I’m really passionate about women’s rights and intersectional feminism, so you may see me creating content based off of that.

8. I am the biggest Spotify fan you will ever meet. Seriously. I’m on it looking for new music for at least two hours of the day.

9. I LOVE to lip sync and if you ever challenge me to a lip sync battle, you better be prepared to lose.

10. If you would like to follow my journey through my second year or if you just want to watch my (very entertaining) Instagram stories, you should consider following me on social media! I’m super active on all of my platforms and I love to make fun posts as often as I can. My Instagram is: @emmamackattack and my Twitter is @emmamacklin_. You are all free to let me know about what kind of content you’d like to see over the next year, in fact I’d highly appreciate that! Keep an eye out for my posts here on WhyRyerson and the other WhyRyerson platforms. 

See you soon, friends!



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