Introducing Me: Blogging Round Number Two!

Well hello there friends! My name is Mady and I will be one of your WhyRyerson bloggers for this upcoming year! For any of you who have been following the WhyRyerson blogs before, you may or may not have seen some of my past blogs! But for any new readers, I know what you are thinking: “who is this random girl and why is she writing on this site?!” So, I figured I would introduce myself and let you know a bit about my Ryerson journey!

First, I am in my second year of Graphic Communications Management program here at Ryerson. I’m originally not from the city but I currently live and work right on campus in residence as an Academic Link! I am also highly involved on campus. I’m involved in my course union as the VP of Marketing, I am apart of the Ryerson Communication and Design Society as a Graphic Designer, and I am also apart of the Ted Rogers Management Conference as a Graphic Designer! I love to be involved all across campus to meet and see so many different and diverse individuals!

The reason why I love Ryerson is for it’s location! Living and studying right Downtown Toronto is one of my favourite things. I love the diversity of the city, the energy of Toronto and all of the different and unique things that it has to offer! So this year you will see me blogging a lot about the wonderful city of Toronto and all that it has to offer!

This is my second year as a WhyRyerson blogger and I look forward to sharing my second year journey with all of you guys and hopefully give you a great insight on how amazing being a student at Ryerson is! To follow my journey check back here or follow me on twitter and instagram @madyfewster!

IMG_6211Welcome to my second year journey!

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