My Intramural Experience

Miss playing high school sports with your friends? Need a break from the stress of homework? Want to be active while having the most fun possible? One word : INTRAMURALS!

During the second week of school, a few people on my floor wanted to put together a volleyball team and asked me if I wanted to join. Of course I jumped at the opportunity! First: I love playing volleyball, second: I love the people on my floor, and third: exercising at the gym just wasn’t cutting it. And if you’re also one of those people who would rather play a team sport than run on a treadmill, intramurals is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

The Ryerson Athletic Centre (RAC for short) offers intramural leagues for flag football, ball hockey, ice hockey, basketball, volleyball, soccer, dodgeball, and ultimate frisbee. The best part is anyone can play! You can gather your floor-mates or other friends and register as a team, or register individually and be put on a team. It’s that simple! Games are played weekly and there’s also gym time available for any teams wishing to practice. Your team can also choose to register in different divisions of competitiveness, so there’s no need to feel intimidated or discouraged from playing. The goal of intramurals is to offer an inclusive and positive environment for students to be active and have a great time with friends.

With each game we play, our team becomes closer with each other, and we have even more fun together. We’ve done surprisingly well having never played as a team before, winning three of our four games, and getting better each week! Our games are filled with laughter and enjoyment on both sides of the court, which is really what’s most important in intramural sports. Even when our games are finished and there’s still gym time available, we usually continue playing with the other team just for fun because that’s how much we enjoy it.

Maintaining a balance between work and play is vital for first year in order to diminish overall stress. So make sure you get out there and sign up for whatever sport interests you! Who knows, getting involved in intramurals might even help you form long lasting friendships and end up being the highlight of your year!

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