I’m Will – and here is 5 fun facts!

Hi there! If you are reading this I assume you or someone you know is considering coming to Ryerson, or you are my mom (hi mom). I am so excited to be one of the new students who will spend the year showing you my life, and also what makes Ryerson and Toronto so great!


My name is Will (technically William, but I refuse to answer to it) Fraser and I am in my fourth and FINAL year of Professional Communication at Ryerson! It is unbelievable that it has been three years since I came here, but I can say it was the best choice I’ve ever made. Like many people I hate describing myself because I always feel I sound so boring, so instead I made a list of random things about me!!!!

1. I am not from Toronto (originally)

I was born and raised in Pelham, Ontario! It is a tiny town in the Niagara region and if anyone knows of it I give you bonus points! I never grew up around any city, in fact I literally live on a farm (see below). If five years ago you would have told me I love Toronto as much as I do now I would have thought you were crazy! It was an adjustment thats for sure, but I now truly call Toronto my home!21744377_10214959305759177_638496226_n

2. I’m “apparently” quite loud

I am probably one of the louder people around campus, and have been told I can often be heard all through the RCC and throughout campus. You will be able to identify me easily, and more than likely be able to map out my day from my overwhelming cackle.giphy-2

3. I know everything about Ryerson ….. almost

This one is my subtle brag. After three years, nine student groups, four jobs and one year in residence, I know so much about this school it’s not even funny. I have learned all the cheers, know the shortcuts around campus, and can decipher any acronym related to this place! That is why I am so excited to show you what I know, and let you see some of the reasons why I have fallen in love with Ryerson!21767101_10214959272198338_1312176248_o

4. I unapologetically love Taylor Swift

Call me controversial but I love Taylor Swift. I am by no means a “Swiftie” but I feel no shame is stating the fact that she is a literal QUEEN. Not only one of the smartest business minds around (I have written a paper for class about this), but also her music is nothing short of amazing. If you would like to debate this I encourage you, in the nicest way, to come at me!


5. I am always on my phone

I am a living stereotype of a typical millennial because I am always on my phone. With two jobs, two volunteer positions, being a student, and a personal life my phone is a key link to all of it. So, I am always on it and always able to respond! When I am not on my phone I am more than likely sleeping. You’ll see this when I take over the WhyRyerson Snapchat through this year!


Well there was five very random, yet relevant things, to know about me! I am really excited for the upcoming year, and am more excited about showing Ryerson and my life here off!


Until next time!



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